Season 2008-09

Another year where we can draft hockey players for our online pool
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 Prediction in the new year

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Prediction in 2009
Simon will maintain 1st
 20% [ 1 ]
Tony will realize that last year was a fluke
 80% [ 4 ]
Tuan is going to take his $5.99 gift and perform magic tricks on it
 0% [ 0 ]
Tuan will be definitely be in first again!
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 5


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PostSubject: Prediction in the new year   Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:03 am

After tonight, I'm going to go buy myself an awesome gift for myself..maybe a blackberry storm after seeing Alan's.

But again,

Pat's gift the twilight series book set I got her for Christmas..I know for a fact that the GST for the gift was more than $5.99 LOL LOL LOL

Well anyways..
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Prediction in the new year
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